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Book: Camp Cooking - A Practical Handbook

Book: Camp Cooking - A Practical Handbook

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Camp Cooking - A Practical Handbook is a 232 page paperback book which includes useful information on: Fire building; Water safety; Butchering wild game in the field; How to filet fish; Gathering wild berries; Baking; Recipes; Edible wild plants; Cooking utensils; Using freeze dried food, canned food, military rations; Shelf life of food; and much more.


Cooking in the outdoors - whether you are hunter, fisherman, or camper - can be arduous and distasteful, but it doesn't have to be.  In Camp Cooking, chef and outdoorsman Fred Bouwman offers a handsome, practical handbook that lays out how to provide a nutritious and delicious meal, whether you're by the local pond or deep in the wilderness.  Here is how to:

  • Build a fire or select camp stoves
  • Make sure that water is safe
  • Butcher wild game in the field
  • Filet fish you've just landed
  • Gather wild berries
  • Bake breads and pies
  • Make sauce and stock outdoors
  • Even prepare crayfish, frog legs, and turtle meat

Fred Bouwman's years of experience in single-tent camps beside cold-water Wisconsin lakes, on spring turkey hunts, and in large deer hunting camps in the deep backwoods means that you don't have to learn by trail and error.  His time outdoors will make yours more fun and more delectable.

FRED BOUWMAN is an experienced outdoorsman, an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer, and a former professional chef.

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