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Book: Hawke's Survival Handbook

Book: Hawke's Survival Handbook

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 The Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook contains illustrated techniques on shelter, water, food, fire, navigation, signaling, medical, and more, but a durable, water-resistant flexible cover and a trim size make it perfect for backpack portability. Hawke provides a unique perspective along with the most useful practical advice for survival.
255 Pages

Be Prepared!
It happens to thousands of people each year, and it could happen to you.  You get lost in the forest while hiking, or you run out of gas in the desert, or you get snowed in, or your boat capsizes, or some other disaster strands you with no food, water, shelter, or any means of survival or escape.

What do you do?
You get this book, read it, and keep it with you at all times.  Inside you will find essential, illustrated strategies for:

Shelter and Water
Food and Fire
Tools and Medicine
Navigation and Signaling
Survival Psychology
And Getting Out Alive

Mykel Hawke is a Captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces; director of Spec Ops Inc. survival training company; and popular television survival expert from the Discovery Channel's Man, Woman, Wild.  He has also been featured on the History Channel, MTV, Channel 5 in the UK, and more.  He lives in New Orleans, LA.  Please visit him at www.mykelhawke.com.

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