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Book: Healing Foods

Book: Healing Foods

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Healing Foods - Prevent or Treat Common Illnesses with Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and More is a 186 pager softcover book that contains practical, useful information on healthy, medicinal cooking and preparing that can keep you and your loved ones healthy without the dependency of modern medicine.


Dale Pinnock, nutritionist and herbalist, explains here how the healing powers of food stretch beyond the realm of vitamins and minerals and involve a far more complex and wondrous group of biological compounds phytochemicals!

In this easy-to-read guide to medical cooking, Pinnock demonstrates how phytochemicals can have a major profound impact on our ability to south and cure digestive problems, heart and circulation condition, issues concerning the immune and nervous systems, and joint a skin disorders. While highlighting the benefits of each food,, Pinnock illustrates how to prepare dishes and recipes that are not only delicious but also have medicinal properties similar to herbal remedies and even pharmaceutical drugs.  Treat yourself to health with recipes such as:

Classic carrot and ginger soup

Digestive tonic tea

Spicy chickpeas

Flu fighting soup

Dandelion salad

Lavender and rose chocolate

And over 20 more

Complete with an A-Z guide to the most powerful medicinal foods on the planet, Healing Foods is your one-stop reference for natural health.

DALE PINNOCK is a nutritionist and medical herbalist.  At his clinics he combines herbal medicine with nutritional healing to provide a full therapeutic program.  His website is www.dalepinnock.com.


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