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Book: How To Dry Foods

Book: How To Dry Foods

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160 page soft cover book.  Dehydrating just got easier with the How to Dry Foods Cookbook by home economist Deanna DeLong. Simple to understand instructions and step-by-step full-color photographs explain everything there is to know about making dried foods at home.  
How To Dry Foods is jam-packed with recipes, pictures, hints, tips and background on drying all kinds of foods for long lasting, healthy food choices for you and your family.
Includes sections on fruit, fruit leathers, vegetables, herbs & spices, nuts & seeds, meat, and fish. Also covers the history, methods, and equipment for drying.

Nothing Good Ever Happened
On An Empty Stomach.

Back in ancient times, true knowledge might never have been attained, let alone contemplated, by Socrates or Plato were it not for the dried food that tempered their interruptive hunger pangs.

The story remained the same, from the time of the early explorers and settlers to the Great Depression and World War II - dried foods kept people going so that history could happen.

And today, dried food makes healthy snacks and adds gourmet touches to uninspired quick-fix meals in the face of rocketing prices and dubious food additives.

Here's the only book the modern cook needs to master the traditions of drying foods.  Sounds hard - but it's easy.  Simple-to-understand instructions about making dried food at home.  Every dehydration method, the variety of fruits, vegetables,  meats and nuts that dry to the best results, as well as how to use dried foods to add a splash of excitement to homecooking, are explained in detail.  Over 100 easy-to-make recipes utilize dried foods to create trail mixes, desserts, main courses, fruit roll-ups and glaces, meat jerkies, baby food and dozens of other dishes from around the world - all with minimal fuss!  When you dry seasonal fruuits, vegetables and herbs, as well as make your own jerky, you'll save on your household food budget while providing healthful sugarless meals and snacks for your family.  More energy-, time-, and space-efficient than canning or freezing - the best thing about drying is that it creates possibilities for cooking you've never had before, while letting you preserve all the foods you love.

Dried Foods Always Mean the Start of Something Good.

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