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Book: Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition

Book: Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition

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Written by well-known cast bullet authority Mike Venturino, this is the most up-to-date and comprehensive guided to bullet casting.


Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook

The only complete source for cast bullet data from the authority on bullet casting.

For 30 years, serious bullet caster have considered the Lyman's Third Edition Cast Bullet handbook the "Bible" of cast bullet data, until now.

Introducing the first new cast bullet manual in three decades.  In addition to data for Lyman's entire line of the rifle and pistol moulds, this newest Cast Bullet Handbook is the first to provide data for selected moulds from other manufacturers where those bullet designs or weights would be of interest to cast bullet experimenters.  Equally important, new load parameters were developed to determine powders which provide more optimal load density.

  • Data for all current Layman moulds, plus additional data for select Saeco, RCBS and Lee moulds
  • Nearly 8,000 loads include "Start" and "Max" charges with both ballistic coefficient and sectional density listed for each bullet.
  • Popular cast bullet powders like 5744, 4759, Reloder 7, 4198 are used throughout.
  • New calibers like the Ruger Compact Magnums, .327 Federal have also been added.
  • Black powder cartridges like 32-40, .43 Mauser and 56-50 Spencer, plus a full range of older black powder era cartridges are also included.
  • Valuable "how-to" editorial sections written be well known cast bullet authority Mike Venturino. Additional articles by other experts such as Brian Pearce, Dr. Robert Block and Tom Acheson.



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