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Book: Native American Survival Skills

Book: Native American Survival Skills

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288 page paperback. Includes information on Basic tools and materials; Indian clothing; Indian designs and decorating; Headdresses and necklaces; Ceremonies; Hunting, war and games; Indians of the North; Campfires; Music; Traditions; and more.


The Native Americans were mystics, hunters, and warriors.  They knew how to survive in hostile climates and terrains by using only their basic skills and the materials they had on hand: wood, leather, and stone.  In Native American Survival Skills, W. Ben Hunt has included drawings and step-by-step instructions for over sixty-five authentic Native American projects, from tepees to tom-toms, with four full-color reproductions of paintings by George Catlin as well as forty photographs from museum archives throughout the country.

Learn how to make:

- Basic tools
- Ceremonial staffs & lances - Sleds

- Buckskin shirts
- Masks- Baskets

- Moccasins
- Peace pipes- Woven bags

- Sandals
- Shields - Ladles, bowls & cups

- Concha belts
- War clubs - Love flutes

- Beaded vest
- Fish and frog spears - Tom-toms & rattles

- War bonnets
- Bows and arrows - Dog harnesses

- Headdresses
- Lacrosse sticks - Tepees

- Bear claw necklaces

- Totem - Wigwams

- Bone & shell necklaces
- Snow shoes- Knives

No special implements or prior skill are required.  From making rawhide to putting the finishing touches on a pair of moccasins, beginners and seasoned woodsmen alike will enjoy making the tools and camp equipment that American Indians have used for centuries to ensure survival.  In addition, Native American Survival Skills will prove a remarkable source of information about the first American hunters, of their highly developed artistry and design, and their beliefs and customs.

W.  BEN  HUNT, born at the close of the nineteenth century, spent many years roaming the Midwest and living occasionally with Native American tribes.  The line drawings he made on such excursions preserved the Native American's survival techniques.  An author of more than twenty books, Hunt died in 1970.

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