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Book: The Self Reliance Manifesto - Survive Anything Anywhere

Book: The Self Reliance Manifesto - Survive Anything Anywhere

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The Self Reliance Manifesto - How To Survive Anything Anywhere is a 307 page paperback book which includes information on finding water, building a fire, stockpiling food, preparing a bug-out bag, making a knife survival kit, orienteering, finding shelter, safeguarding against floods, dealing with chemical attacks, creating an emergency plan, edible and medicinal plants, fishing, snaring small animals, keeping food safe, using firearms, setting broken bones, tying knots and more.

Learn how to survive anything-
anytime, anywhere.

Storm approaching?  Need a fire?  Out of water?  Not sure if that mushroom will kill you?  Isolated by an unexpected emergency?  No matter what situation you find yourself in, Len McDougall has probably been there himself, and he can get you out of trouble.  Not only has McDougall lived in the woods for decades, he's field-tested gear from more than 200 manufacturers - everything from kayaks, backpacks, and boots to cameras, tents, and water filters.  In this seminal work, he combines the latest in medical, communication, and other gear with the old tried-and-true techniques to create and encyclopedia of survival skills that addresses every possible scenario in rural, suburban, and urban settings.

Len McDougall is a full-time outdoor writer, professional photographer, and illustrator with more than thirty years' experience in the North Woods.  He teaches survival classes by appointment and tests outdoors products, and he has also work as a field guide and tracker.  His books include The Complete Tracker, The Field & Stream Wilderness Survival Handbook, Made for the Outdoors, The Outdoors Almanac, and Practical Outdoor Survival.

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