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Coghlans Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

Coghlans Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets

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It's no surprise to anyone that clean water is vital in any survival situation. It's not enough just having water, as bad water can make a difficult situation much worse. Infected or polluted water can lead to a variety of illnesses and, in some cases, can even result in death. While there are some great water filters on the market, using them in conjunction with water purifiers, such as Coghlan's Germicidal Drinking Water Tablets, will help ensure the complete safety of your water supply.  Two drinking water tablets will disinfect approximately one quart of water.  

With clean water being priority one, every emergency kit, camping pack, or bug out bag should have at least one bottle of these water purification tablets. Pick yours up today!  

Contains: 50 tablets in each bottle (25 quarts)
Coghlan's Emergency Drinking Water Tablets are effective against cysts and bacteria - Including Giardia, Lamblia, Vibrio Cholera.
- Item Weight: 2 oz
- Made in USA

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