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Coghlans Sportsman's Pocket Saw

Coghlans Sportsman's Pocket Saw

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The Coghlan's Sportman's Pocket Saw is made from the finest materials available. It will cut through wood, plastic, metal and bone in any direction. There are no sharp edges making it safe to handle and easy to pack without the worry of cutting or fraying your gear.

At a length of 20 inches the Coghlan's Sportman's Pocket Saw will be able to tackle small to medium sized trees easily. The thumb rings allow easy hand operation or using a branch can be used one-handed. Using a branch about the size of your thumbs and four inches longer than the Coghlan's Sportsman's Pocket Saw, notch on each end and insert ring over one notch. Bend the branch and insert opposite ring over the other notch. Use like a hand saw.

- Cuts through wood, metal, plastic or bone with easy back and forth action
- Carry in pack, pocket, tackle box or trailer
- Length: 20” (51 cm)
- Item Weight: <1 oz

- Made in the U.S.A

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