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Counter Assault 8.1 oz Bear Defense Spray

Counter Assault 8.1 oz Bear Defense Spray

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Nobody wants to be confronted by a bear, regardless of it's intent. There are very few viable defense options available to the average person to thwart an aggressive bear. Even a gun can prove ineffective and actual serve as an agitator, enraging the bear. The one product with proven results that can neutralize a threat and allow you to escape a nightmare situation is Bear Spray- a strong pepper spray that forces eye closure, causes temporary respiratory issues and intense burning sensation. 

Counter Assault has perfected the formula and stored it in a canister capable of firing a heavy spray for 7 seconds and up to 30 feet away! Even firing a warning shot will send a strong, discouraging signal to any would be attacker, as being anywhere down-stream of this spray will cause irritation. The included holster will keep it close to your side and ready to use in a moment's notice. If you plan on being anywhere an attack might occur, make sure you're packing Counter Assault!


- Contains 2% Capsaicin and other Capsaicinoids; red pepper derivatives that adversely effects the eyes and respiratory system.
- Non-lethal
- Works on all species of bear
- Safety cap helps prevent accidental discharge
- Glow in the dark safety wedge with tie string
- Spray reaches up to 30 feet away
- Powerful discharge can empty the entire can in 7 seconds
- Includes holster
- Made in the USA

Warning: Use with extreme caution—if not used properly, it can disable the user rather than the bear

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