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Cowboy Toothpick Folding Knife

Cowboy Toothpick Folding Knife

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The Cowboy Toothpick Folding Pocket Knife measures just 2.75 inches in length when it's closed. At that size, it's easy to slip into a pocket or purse. Its sharp, stainless steel blade draws to a fine point that can pierce through objects quickly and easily. Whether you're cutting a tightly-wrapped plastic package, opening a piece of mail or using it as a genuine Texas toothpick, you'll love having this miniature pocket knife handy.
This Cowboy Toothpick Folding Pocket Knife is extremely light; it weighs just under an ounce. so once it's in your pocket, you can forget that it's there. Despite its size, it's a heavy hitter in the featherweight division. It's rugged and durable enough to handle most household cutting and piercing jobs, and many outdoorsmen wouldn't be caught without one when they're roughing it in the wild.
A multi-colored wood handle makes this Cowboy Toothpick Folding Pocket Knife as attractive as it is functional. Three pins fasten the wooden handle to the lower half of the stainless steel blade, which features a sturdy hinge that allows this knife to stay in the closed position until you need it opened. It doesn't lock, so you never have to fumble with it before you use it.
- Item Weight: 1 oz

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