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Don't Just Prepare For Surviving, Prepare For Living.

Posted by Rob on 7/7/2014 to Ghillie's Corner

  Anyone new to prepping (aka- disaster preparedness), and even many veterans of the mindset, tend to make a very important mistake in their preparations.  A mistake that can sow disaster right into their disaster-plan: They plan to survive. That is to say, that they only plan for the surviving of a disaster, but neglect to include the small things that can keep them grounded and living a close to normal life. 

  The last thing you will want or need after the trauma of a disaster is additional stress and discomfort; there will already be enough of that to keep you disposed of for awhile.  These additional discomforts are burdens that could have been completely avoided with proper planning.  I will do no one any favors by keeping vague on the matter, so let's tackle a few examples of what I mean.

  When making preparations for the unseen, don't just think of what the human body needs in order to survive, but rather what you or specific members of your family need regularly to keep them fit and well.

  Don't overlook the importance of vitamins to off-set the possible poor nutrition and/or lack of sunlight that may occur under emergency conditions.  Also, if you or members of your family suffer from allergies, stock up on anti-histamine.  I know first-hand that allergies can flare up to debilitating levels if left unchecked.  Simple things like dental floss and Q-tips can keep discomforts at bay, and improve personal hygiene.  Most people remember to stock toothbrushes and toothpaste, but neglect mouth wash.  Quality mouth wash helps prevent and even kill infections that can lead to more serious problems. 

  Planning to survive is a good first step, as long as that is how you think of it.  As soon as you have the basics, expand to the comforts.  I only mentioned a few examples, mostly in the medical category, but don't stop there.  If you have a bad back, plan for it.  Purchase a back brace, heating blanket with solar panel charger, ibuprofen, etc.

  Keeping mindful about your preparations will help you and your family stay healthy and keep your spirits high.  That alone might be enough to get you through an otherwise unbearable situation.



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