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Portable Camping Cooking Bag

Portable Camping Cooking Bag

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Have a hot, cooked meal anywhere without the need for fire or electricity with SE's Portable Camping Cooking Bag.  The kit includes one reusable, resealable bag, 10 heating packs for use at 10 separate mealtimes, 1 measuring cup. 

Using the Cooking Back is simple, just add a can of food to the kit's reusable bag, add water and a heating pack, seal bag closed and wait.  Within 15-20 minutes your food is hot and ready to eat.

This is a great product to have in any bug out or go-bag, or hiking pack.  Having a warm meal is great for morale.


• No Fire or Electricity Needed!
•  Bag Includes:
   - 10pc Heating Packs
   - 1pc Measuring Cup
   - 1pc Resealable & Reusable Food Warmer Bag
• Maximum Heating Temperature: 381°F (194°C)
• Heating Time Can Last for 20 Minutes
• Great for camping, emergencies, etc

- Dimensions: 13"x10"x2" (can be folded)

- Item weight: 6 oz

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