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Pre-Built Bags Are Coming

Posted by Rob on 12/2/2013

We have been working diligently to get in the proper supplies and equipment to provide you, our customer, what we believe to be are some of the best pre-built bags on the market.  We have been researching products and vendors to bring you the best bug-out survival bags at the lowest price possible on the market!  Our competition hasn't really been making it too hard on us either, as most we have investigated are over-priced and under-stocked.


Our bags will be crammed to the gills with the items you or your loved ones will need to survive anywhere for a set amount of time, on your own.  Each bag will be based on a need or time line and will be stocked and priced accordingly.


The first bag to launch will be a simple toss-and-go 24 hour pack, followed soon after by a 48 hour essentials trunk bag.  Then we will release our medium 3-day+ backpack and finally the true Bug-Out Behemoth.  I can't provide too many more details at this time, but these bags are quality.  Good good stuff, and we are excited!



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