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Prepping: What is it and Why.

Posted by Ghillie on 11/9/2013 to Ghillie's Corner

  What is prepping? Well, simply put; it is the act of preparing for unforeseen events. It's insurance against the unexpected.  It's about realizing that the system is only that, a system, and you no longer have to be plugged in to it's ever-deteriorate structure.


  Prepping is a blanket term for any kind of emergency preparation, really. There is a huge community of preppers throughout the United States and abroad, and our numbers are growing rapidly. Some of the credit for this sudden growth has been given to TV shows that follow people and/or companies within the prepping community, usually painting them as extreme worry-warts or paranoid freaks. In doing so though they have inadvertently reconnected people to a common-sense law embedded in the human psyche: Self preservation.


  Stability is an integral part of the human psyche and a building block of good mental health. Knowing you can eat whenever and whatever you want, sleep sound with little worry, and replace lost tools and items easily gives you stability and peace within. It puts your physical body at ease.  Lately though, the world feels far less stable. 


   What I believe has begun to happen across the board is a realization that, as people of the modern world, we have gotten so comfortable and dependent on the modern system that we have lost all of our self-reliant, natural skills. We no longer know how to really take care of ourselves.


   Coming to this realization is like coming to Christ; it changes EVERYTHING. Luckily, the prepping community is full of helpful, like-minded people that are generally more than happy to share their accumulated knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen and learn. If you are new to prepping (and the only way I can imagine you making it this far through this article is if you are new, or a glutton for punishment), let me settle a few things:


1- Prepping isn't about being afraid, it's about preparing yourself so you don't have to be... ever!


2- Once you find yourself with a brimming pantry, a supply cabinet bursting at the seams with first aid supplies, and enough stocked water to float a small fishing boat, you will find a new inner-peace... and you will be hooked.


3- Prepping is only as expensive as you want it to be. 


4- It's easy to justify.  I have spent a fortune in the past on hobbies and toys that I ended up selling off (generally at a loss) to fund the next cool toy or hobby.  With prepping there's still toys, and it's still a hobby, but just about everything you collect is practical and can be used whenever you wish or need.  i.e. If food is reaching it's expiration date, eat it.  Need gas but don't feel like going in to town?  Grab it from the shed.


Emergency preparation and self-reliance are getting big because they make sense... and it's about time for something to.


Date: 11/9/2013
We all should be getting prepared for something.....Its not that times are changing, they have changed. Maybe the zombie apocalypse IS upon us but its not the neck sucking, leg dragging gray skinned ones we are used to from our movies and entertaining video games. The real ZOMBIES are the mindless people all around us trying to take away the rights our ancestors battled for. Its time to change the way we think. Get back to the basics. Lets exercise our survival instincts. With sites like this we can all help each other get there. "DON'T GO WHERE THE ROAD LEADS, RATHER GO WHERE THERE IS NO ROAD, AND LEAVE A TRAIL"

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