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Pricing Changes

Posted by Rob on 1/27/2014 to News

Some of you may have noticed; there have been changes made to the pricing of most items on the site.  We have posted the retail price of the items above our price to better help you determine the value of the items.  The price listed is set by the manufacturers based on what they believe is a fair price on the item.  Their opinions are as varied as the items they produce, so you will notice quite a difference from brand to brand.


In cases where a retail price is not displayed, it's most likely because that item is at the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), also set by the manufacturer, and is equal to the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price... sorry, you knew that).  To say that differently, a few brands set the MAP and the MSRP at the same amount, making for a consistent market.


Besides the confusion of pricing, we have also reviewed the current price of items and lowered many of them even more!  Saving money is always a good thing right?  Our goal is to offer our customers the lowest prices possible on all items we carry.  With your continued support we will achieve this goal all while expanding our inventory to bring you an even larger selection!  We love this stuff as much as you do.


Thank you so much for all of your suggestions and support.


-Robert Holden


Black River Outpost

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