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Reward Points Are Here!

Posted by Rob on 8/1/2014 to News

Reward Points have arrived at Black River Outpost!  Now whenever you shop, you will automatically accumulate points that can be used to purchase more items, for free.

The points are active and working now, so any purchases you make going forward will rope you Reward Points (or RPs).  In addition to this, we went back to any and all purchases made by customers through the entire year of 2014 and awarded them the correct amount of points for those purchases. It's as if Reward Points have been active all year.

As it stands right now, there are no plans to expire the points, so they will continue to accumulate until you decide to spend them.  Any item that is purchasable with RPs will display so under it's dollar amount on the item info page, as long as you are logged in to your account.

We will also be awarding RPs for special events and offers so, if you haven't already, like our Facebook page so you'll know when and what they are!

Emails will be going out through the month of August making people aware of their points and to thank everyone for supporting Black River Outpost.  Keep an eye out for yours!

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