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StreetWise 130dB Key Alarm with LED Flashlight

StreetWise 130dB Key Alarm with LED Flashlight

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Alarms are a popular and effective deterrent of crime, and for good reason. The last thing an assailant wants is attention drawn to them, because that's how and when they get caught. This personal alarm keeps the leverage in your corner and on your key-chain. It's small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 2 oz (with the included battery installed). The alarm button allows for two levels of protection. Pressing the button slightly will sound a brief alarm blast, a warning shot perhaps. Pushing the button down completely will sound the alarm continually until the situation is safe and you deactivate the alarm. The built-in super bright LED light not only helps you find the keyhole to your vehicle or home quickly, but also works well to temporarily blind or disorient a person at night or in the dark. The alarm button is recessed to prevent accidental activation. 

A person is most likely to be attacked at night while walking to or from their car or home, and a common opening attack is a bear-hug grapple from behind to bind your arms so you can't access your defense weapon (mace, gun, etc.). In almost any instance though, your hands are left free and it only takes a split-second to sound the alarm when you mean to. So whether you see them coming or they surprise you, self defense is a reflex away.


-Scare Off an Attacker and Summon Help: The 130 decibel alarm is loud enough that anyone nearby will hear. 
-Built-in Super Bright LED Light: Find your way in the dark. Also bright enough to disorient anyone when shined directly in the eyes.
-Attaches to Your Keys for quick-response defense. 
-This lightweight compact alarm easily attaches to your keys so it's always within reach. Many other personal alarms can be difficult to use in a panic situation.

Measures: 2.5 inches by 1.25 inches.

Requires: One 12v battery (included)  

Key Alert with Flashlight

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