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Survival Seed Vault: 5000+ Heirloom Seeds

Survival Seed Vault: 5000+ Heirloom Seeds

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Storing food is absolutely essential to preparing for an emergency on any level.  The unfortunate part of prepared foods is that no matter how much you stock up, the supply is still finite.  Without a proper means of replenishment, food storage will only delay the inevitable. 

Seed storage is the highest held form of food storage.  It is not intended to replace prepared foods, but rather replenish them, allowing for an un-ending supply of food to be available.  On top of that, seed storage doubles as an incredibly valuable item of barter.

These Survival Seed Vaults are made up of a carefully chosen collection of fruits and vegetables that maintain a high percentage of successful growth, even over long periods of time.  The crops that spring from these seeds also bear fertile seeds themselves, allowing for seed saving, keeping the garden growing year after year.


- 20 varieties of hardy heirloom survival seeds passed down from generation to generation

- Survival Seeds rated to last 5+ years at 75° F, even longer at colder temperatures.

- No Hybrids, GMOs, or outdated survival seeds. 

- All harvested seeds are reusable

- Each seeds bank is hand-inspected and packed by My Patriot Supply's American staff

- Includes detailed survival seed saving guide

Included Seeds:

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