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Wise Foods 120 Serving Fruit & Snack Bucket

Wise Foods 120 Serving Fruit & Snack Bucket

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Emergency Food Storage is the cornerstone of any emergency plan, and for good reason. Nutrition is key to both mental and physical health and it's no surprise that food is a requirement for survival. Any emergency food storage will meet the survival requirement, but Wise Foods Company concentrates on the critical nutritional aspect of  food storage. Part of being healthy is a well-rounded diet and that's where the Wise Foods 120-Serving Fruit and Dessert Bucket comes in. Fruit is an important, and quite enjoyable, building block to a well-rounded diet and Wise Foods Company packs each bucket full of fruit. In addition to the fruit options included in each bucket, Wise Foods also includes yogurt, vanilla pudding and even a dessert caramel sauce just to make life that much sweeter.

Each bucket includes individually sealed servings that are each rated to last up to 20 years! If you're looking for a reliable, long-lasting emergency food storage option that will not only get you through tough times, but will help make them a whole lot easier, look no farther than Wise Foods Company and add the 120-serving fruit bucket to your pantry.

Buckets Include: 

- 2 pouches of Bananas (8 servings ea.)
- 2 pouches of Peaches (8 servings ea.)
- 2 pouches of Strawberries (8 servings ea.)
- 3 pouches of Apples (8 servings ea.)
- 2 pouches of Creamy Yogurt (8 servings ea.)
- 2 pouches of Carmel Sauce (8 servings ea.)
- 2 pouches of Vanilla Pudding (8 servings ea.)

- Great For Emergency Food Storage
- 25 Year Shelf Life
- Buy more and SAVE!

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