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XMRE Lite Complete Meals Ready to Eat - MRE

XMRE Lite Complete Meals Ready to Eat - MRE

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Lightweight and easy-to-store, XMRE Lite Complete Meals are a perfect choice for anyone who plans to be on the move or that is looking for an alternative to freeze-dried foods for emergency food storage. Each case comes with 12 complete meals, each individually sealed in an XMRE military-grade water-proof bag that includes an entree, crackers or bread, snack, spreads (peanut butter, jelly, etc.), beverage mix, eating utensil, condiment pack, moist towelette, and an optional flameless ration heater. Each meal weighs in at a minimum of 600 nutritionally packed calories, giving you the energy to maintain at 110%. XMRE meals don’t require any water or need to re-hydrate (other than the beverage) and are fully cooked so they can be eaten straight out of the pouch anywhere at any time with no preparation. Their shelf-life exceeds 3 years for military applications or 1 year for commercial applications. Both lightweight and waterproof, these MREs are the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers are anyone needing a well-planned, nutritious meal at a moment's notice. 

Each case includes an average of 4 seperate menus (3 meals per menu).


- 12 Complete meals per case
- Between 600-900 calories per meal, depending on specific meal
- Lightweight
- Waterproof
- Each complete meal includes condiments and eating utensil
- High quality
- Made in the USA

Why choose MREs over freeze-dried alternatives?

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to long term food storage, and there are many companies offering similar products across the market. A favorite of many survivalists, preppers and patriots though are MREs, (or Meals Ready To Eat), and for good reason: if they meet the needs of the US military, they will most likely meet and exceed your needs as well. Also, when water is a concern, you won't want to waste any of it by re-hydrating your meals. MREs are ready to eat right out of their air-tight bag- no water needed. Weight is also a factor any time you're going to be on the move. MREs are lightweight and designed to stow-away in a backpack or carrier. So while there are many food storage options on the market, there are good reasons to make your choice MREs.

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