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Ammo Cans Aren’t Just For Ammo

Posted by Tom Miller on 9/16/2015 to Ghillie's Corner

One of my favorite containers to use for prepping is a good ol’ ammo can. They are so handy and can just about be used for anything, not to mention they are super (More...)

10 Prepping Items To Get Before It's Too Late

Posted by Tom Miller on 8/21/2015 to Ghillie's Corner

For every day that passes, it seems as though one more thing becomes illegal and it is often not even something that is worthy of the trouble (More...)

A Good Look At The Sawyer Mini Filter

Posted by Tom Miller on 7/21/2015 to Ghillie's Corner

Right after air, water is considered to be the most important need for survival. Aside from the fact that you could die, not having water can also make it very difficult to perform the other tasks necessary

General Guidelines For Treating Traumatic Chest Wounds

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 3/27/2015 to Ghillie's Corner
There are a number of ways that a person could receive a traumatic chest wound. In almost all cases this is the result of an accident of some type. The same type of accident that is likely to happen if there is a disaster, especially a long-term disaster. Whether it is a gunshot wound, stab wound, falling onto a piece of rebar, or falling off a ladder; there are many scenarios that might include chest trauma. Because these types of injuries can be very life threatening, it is important to know the initial steps that should be taken if you find yourself needing to provide aid to a person with chest trauma. (More...)

The Silent Killer in Every Closet

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 2/21/2015 to Ghillie's Corner
There are dangers everywhere. Modern society is lucky in many cases; the ability to predict weather is better than it has ever been, medical technology is improving constantly, and anything else is being regulated to the government’s liking…almost. (More...)

Building a Survival Medical Kit

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 1/25/2015 to Ghillie's Corner
In the last post I wrote about designing a medical kit specifically for survival purposes. Without taking the time to think things through and properly design your kit, it will not provide the highest level of function and assistance if someone gets hurt. Now that your kit is designed, the natural next step is to build your survival medical kit. (More...)

Designing a Survival Medical Kit

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 12/29/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
A good medical kit is capable of dealing with most medical emergencies. It really shouldn’t matter whether it is a car accident or a cooking accident, a good medical kit will cover the basics. Just like any survival related kit, your medical kit should be tailored to you and your group. (More...)

Storing & Organizing Long Term Food Supplies

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 11/30/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
I’m hungry! When are we gonna eat? Is that all that’s for dinner? These are the cries and questions that I hear from my children almost every day in one form or another. I can only imagine how much worse these pleas and cries would be if there were a disaster and food was even scarcer than it is now. (More...)

What To Look For In A Survival Flashlight

Posted by Thomas "Ghillie" Miller on 11/24/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
One of the primary concerns when looking for a piece of gear is to get the right “thing” for the job. This is especially true when looking at equipment that you may end up needing to survive. There is no exception to this rule when looking for a flashlight. When looking at a flashlight and evaluating its usefulness and practicality for preparedness, make sure to evaluate the capabilities as well as the purpose of the light to ensure you get it right. When the going gets tough, there won’t be any taking it back. (More...)

Nature's Remedies

Posted by Web Hunter on 11/20/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
It's important to know what easy-to-find herbs can be used to treat and prevent sickness, when no professional medical treatment is available or justifiable.  The following is a simple list of common herbs and plants along with their medicinal qualities. (More...)
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