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Storing & Organizing Long Term Food Supplies

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 11/30/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
I’m hungry! When are we gonna eat? Is that all that’s for dinner? These are the cries and questions that I hear from my children almost every day in one form or another. I can only imagine how much worse these pleas and cries would be if there were a disaster and food was even scarcer than it is now. (More...)

What To Look For In A Survival Flashlight

Posted by Thomas "Ghillie" Miller on 11/24/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
One of the primary concerns when looking for a piece of gear is to get the right “thing” for the job. This is especially true when looking at equipment that you may end up needing to survive. There is no exception to this rule when looking for a flashlight. When looking at a flashlight and evaluating its usefulness and practicality for preparedness, make sure to evaluate the capabilities as well as the purpose of the light to ensure you get it right. When the going gets tough, there won’t be any taking it back. (More...)

Nature's Remedies

Posted by Web Hunter on 11/20/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
It's important to know what easy-to-find herbs can be used to treat and prevent sickness, when no professional medical treatment is available or justifiable.  The following is a simple list of common herbs and plants along with their medicinal qualities. (More...)

Can Good Water Go Bad?

Posted by Tom "Ghillie" Miller on 11/14/2014 to Ghillie's Corner
There is a lot of debate when it comes to water and how long it stays safe to drink. This is not a new argument and for every person that says water does not go bad, it seems that there is another who will tell you that unless their water has been poured straight from a filter within the last 18.5 seconds, it is not safe to drink. To make matters worse, this issue has been further complicated by the introduction of expiration dates on commercially bottled water. (Read More...) 
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